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Meekono Wholesaling Masterclass: Wholesale Pricing for Artisans

07 Sept 2014
by Daphne Kasambala

Announcing the first of our Meekono Wholesaling Masterclass Series: WHOLESALE PRICING FOR ARTISANS. 

At Meekono we're vested in the success of the Sellers in our ecosystem, and our Masterclass Series is designed to equip Sellers with the tools and know-how to close the gap and compete in global markets.

This interactive session is essential for you if you're you an Artisan, Designer or Agent keen to grow your revenue through wholesaling, but you're not sure how to price your products profitably and still attract the right commercial buyers.

We will walk you through the differences between pricing for retail and wholesale, covering the standard formulas, and review why these might not always work for artisanal and handmade products.

We will highlight the process a commercial buyer goes through when making sourcing decisions and give you the tools to anticipate their concerns and meet their needs.

You will discover practical tips and take away a PDF worksheet to use for your own products.

When: 17:30 GMT Wednesday 14 September, 2022 

Registration Fee: FREE for Meekono Registered Sellers, $25.00 for non-registered Sellers

Registration closes: noon, Friday 9 September, 2022

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To sign up for the Masterclass, complete the form here.

Save the Date: Meekono Wholesaling Masterclass - Demystifying Handicrafts Wholesale

23 Sep 2022
by Daphne Kasambala

What does it take to be a handicrafts wholesaler and succeed in this $multi-billion global industry? Retailers are seeking to differentiate themselves with unique, quality and ethical products, and African handicrafts sellers are well placed to position themselves as viable suppliers.

In the second of our Meekono Masterclass series, we cover what it takes to be a handicrafts wholesaler, with valuable tips on developing products and showcasing them for commercial buyers. 

Participants get a downloadable Glossary of Terms that take the mystery out of exporting jargon and dealing with buyers. 

Free for Meekono registered Users ($25 for non-Users).