How We Work

Meekono pre-vets sellers based on a number of criteria including track record, product quality, function and design, ethical principles and the sustainability of their operational model, and their capacity to meet commercial buyers' needs.

Through in-person and online touch-points, we equip sellers with the necessary tools to help them become excellent makers and wholesalers, to create the best products possible in sustainable and ethical ways.

Buyers come to Meekono seeking a trusted and transparent partner to facilitate the sourcing of quality premium products, making us their eyes and ears on the ground. We gather and share our findings on sellers and products and we're there through every step of buyers' purchasing journey.

Our platform ensures that your orders and payments are handled in a standardised and transparent way, with milestones tracked and reported accordingly, and we step in if any problems arise.

All payments are handled via Meekono, giving your transactions security, and through economies of scale and partnerships with leading logistics providers, we endeavour to secure the most competitive pricing on shipping.

We understand the pain points experienced by buyers seeking products in new and remote locations, and we work to mitigate any risks that they might face when sourcing.