Our Sellers

We're passionate about supporting talented African and Diaspora artisans, designers and makers that practice  ethics and sustainability and want to share their work and culture with the rest of the world.

Each seller is pre-vetted based on several criteria including the design, quality and function of their products, their ethical principles, and their ability to meet the demands of international commercial buyers.

We promote an equitable value chain and zero waste. As such, most of our sellers produce to-order and in small batches.

We're equipping sellers with resources and a supportive ecosystem to help them best serve their customers on this platform.

From individual artisans producing in small batches to cooperatives and larger producers, our sellers are committed to producing their best - unique products across Textiles and Apparel, Decor, Accessories, Gift and Natural & Wellbeing, Art and Vintage categories.

Sellers hail from around Africa and the Diaspora and reflect these cultures, aesthetics, techniques and ethos. Their work displays many different influences and styles that tell a range of stories that will inspire both buyers and their customers.