Connecting global businesses with quality African and African-inspired wholesalers

Meekono is a technology company focused on connecting the best producers of African inspired handcrafted and natural products with commercial buyers worldwide.

Our mission is to make the highest quality African products available to boutiques, interior designers, spas, hotels, retailers and on-sellers by pre-vetting and equipping vendors with the necessary skills to meet the demands of discerning international buyers. 

Buyers rely on us to take away the risk and hassle, making their sourcing process safe, seamless and efficient.

On our travels around the world, we've been inspired by people of all backgrounds expressing a love and curiosity for African design. Sadly, retailers and on-sellers struggle to find and source great products from Africa!

We're passionate about creating an equitable value chain that rewards producers and vendors fairly for their skills and effort, encourages ethical and sustainable practices and promotes the unique and vibrant culture of Africa.

Our job is to build bridges between Africa and the world. We hope you will be a part of our exciting mission.