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Thousands of independent retailers, interior designers and business partners are waiting for your handmade and natural products

Check out the benefits of wholesaling with Meekono

We're 100% dedicated to African-inspired and -based sellers
We will find the best, most price competitive shippers for you
Increase your sales and reduce the time and cost of finding buyers
Make your brand visible worldwide, tell your own story
Liaise with buyers to customize products
We'll show you how best to develop and wholesale your products

Great value, simple, transparent and secure online trading with your international business partners


Once you have been vetted by Meekono, you can list up to 20 products for free in your own shopfront. Meekono takes a commission percentage of your order value.

We process payments on our secure SSL-encrypted platform giving security to both sellers and buyers

Easy-to-use powerful tools

Spend less time managing your shop and more time perfecting your products and fulfilling your orders

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Wholesale on Meekono?

Meekono is an online marketplace that curates and helps develop your wholesale business. Internstional buyers from boutiques, retailers and interior designers visit Meekono's marketplace to discover and source new products and to make their sourcing experience simple and risk-free.

How Much Does it Cost to Wholesale on Meekono?

Meekono charges a commission on the value of each order placed with you, and this amount is deducted when you receive your payment for each order. You can also bring your existing buyers to trade with you on Meekono and all their orders with you will be completely commission-free, forever.

What is The Application Process Like?

During your application process, you'll provide your product, photography, and wholesale details. Our team will review your products and your ability to be a wholesaler based on the criteria outlined below and may pay you a visit to see your operation in practice.

When your application is approved, our team will create a Meekono showroom page for your brand. We'll then provide you with free toolkits to enable you to be an excellent and successful seller on Meekono.

As soon as your profile is created, we'll send you an activation email. You'll be able to add and edit products through your new Meekono account.

What Products Can I Wholesale on Meekono?

We are accepting applications from sellers with a range of products, but they must be export-quality and, ethically made. These are the categories we are accepting applications for:

  • Home Decor
  • Accessories
  • Gifts
  • Apparel
  • Art
  • Natural Products e.g. essential oils

What is the Selection Criteria for Sellers on Meekono?

Meekono is a curated marketplace for reliable sellers with high quality, modern, design-led products suitable for an international clientele. This means that sellers have to demonstrate in the application process the following:

  • Have a bank account with a bank that is able to receive international payments
  • Selling authentically African-made and African-inspired and natural products. A few examples: a Kenyan cooperative making hand-crafted brass jewellery, a brand in Cameroon selling hand-woven baskets, a designer based in London designing fabrics that are hand-made in Nigeria, a shea butter processing business based in Ghana, a modern artist based in South Africa
  • Ability to produce batch or business orders in a timely manner
  • Export-quality products
  • Ability to manage their virtual showroom on Meekono via a smart phone or laptop